Classtime & Regenesis’ Enviro-Innovation Challenge for Carbon Neutrality

carbon neutrality

Global warming continues to be one of the biggest threats to our planet. Here at Classtime, we are committed to achieving carbon neutrality. CEO US Valentin Ruest says, “We want to take responsibility for how our clients use our product. We want to go one step further by educating our users and raising awareness on how we can reduce, offset, and eliminate our carbon footprint.”  As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies continue to grow, it is important to become conscious of how this impacts our carbon emissions. While the software itself may not consume energy, the hardware that powers SaaS poses an …

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Classtime is Now Integrated with Google Classroom

Classtime is now integrated with Google Classroom

As highly requested by teachers, Classtime is now integrated with Google Classroom. Google Classroom is used by millions of educators and students globally to help organize student work and foster collaboration. This Premium feature allows educators to easily import their classes from Google Classroom to Classtime, manage assignments, and synchronize student scores across both platforms. With this integration, Classtime can be used in combination with a Learning Management System that can store and share various files, launch a video conference, manage a class calendar and push grades into a grade book. Now, Premium users no longer have to manually export …

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Survey Reveals Biggest Distance Learning Challenges

A recently conducted Classtime survey reveals teachers’ biggest distance learning challenges. This survey was sent to hundreds of English speaking educators. Teachers responded to how school closures impact them, what their biggest challenges with education technology are during distance learning, and what would make their life easier. The top challenges recorded from the educators include a lack of student engagement, wifi and device issues, and finding the right online content. Furthermore, results to what would make their lives easier include: simple to use tools to teach online classes, more tutorials for online platforms and increased involvement of parents, among other …

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Classtime Introduces Innovative New Feature of “Classes”


To reduce the chances of cheating and allow teachers to gain more control of their classroom setup, Classtime has implemented the new feature of Classes on Premium. Classes is a convenient way for teachers with one or multiple classes to organize their Classtime sessions, while also blocking users outside of their classes to join. Now, once a Class is created, teachers can start a session with their whole class. Students can simply verify their identity by accepting their teacher’s invitation to a Class via link sent through their email. Students no longer have to input a session code but can …

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Digital Education at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Last week, Classtime visited the Frankfurt Book Fair to learn from many interesting presentations, engage in inspiring discussions, and collect plenty of great insights! On Thursday at the Digitalpakt conference, several digital education experts, school leaders, researches, and politicians, discussed about the Digitalpakt in Germany. The education landscape currently faces tremendous challenges to adapt to the new requirements of the digital world. All parties agreed that the Digitalpakt bears a great chance for Germany to sustainably improve school learning. This not only demands a strong digital infrastructure, but also the involvement of educators in their professional development in regard to data …

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Secure and fast authentication with Clever integration

Santa Monica, CA (December 12, 2018): Classtime now supports Clever integration, allowing more students and teachers across the US to single-sign on to Classtime via Clever. With this first step of their partnership, Clever and Classtime set the best practices in privacy, security, and data control to help US districts and applications keep student data safe. “With more than 50% of U.S. K-12 schools on the Clever platform, Classtime is excited to provide an additional way for students and teachers to quickly and securely enjoy our education technology.” says Pollock Technologies’ CEO US Valentin Ruest. “It perfectly complements our product …

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Go Pollock is now Classtime


Santa Monica, CA (August 09, 2018): Pollock Technologies, announced that – after listening to their valued community and thoroughly discussing their brand – they have changed the name of their flagship product from Go Pollock to Classtime. “We hope you agree that Classtime makes it easier to understand what our product is about: having a great time in your class with your students and spending it most effectively and efficiently,” says Pollock Technologies’ CEO Europe Jan Rihak. “We also hope that it will make it easier for your students and colleagues to join your Sessions.” The new website address is (all current URLs for …

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Introducing Go Pollock Premium

go pollock premium

Santa Monica, CA (February 21, 2018): Pollock Technologies, today, announced a new Premium plan addition to their flagship product Go Pollock. This Premium plan includes features such as auto-grading, detailed excel exports with individual student scores and answers, and the ability to launch Sessions for classes larger than 40 students. In order to sustain revenue and continue building new features and products, the company has introduced a subscription plan that includes premium features to help educators save time on preparing and analyzing their lessons so they can focus on spending more time delivering the best teaching method possible. “Go Pollock Premium is …

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