Classtime is Now Integrated with Google Classroom

Classtime is now integrated with Google Classroom

As highly requested by teachers, Classtime is now integrated with Google Classroom. Google Classroom is used by millions of educators and students globally to help organize student work and foster collaboration. This Premium feature allows educators to easily import their classes from Google Classroom to Classtime, manage assignments, and synchronize student scores across both platforms.

With this integration, Classtime can be used in combination with a Learning Management System that can store and share various files, launch a video conference, manage a class calendar and push grades into a grade book. Now, Premium users no longer have to manually export and import scores or attendance from their Google Classroom Classes to Classtime. Classtime CTO Micha Riser says, “It’s a great integration for teachers and a massive time saver.”

When viewing their Classes, users can grant access to have their Classes and student rosters from Google Classroom be imported to Classtime.

Classtime is now integrated with Google Classroom  

Once this is completed, classes and invited students via Google Classroom will be reflected in Classtime. Teachers then can invite students and co-teachers to Google Classroom classes via Classtime. As Classtime is now integrated with Google Classroom, teachers can save even more time and will continue to promote the creation of engaging, collaborative assessments in Classtime.