Classtime & Regenesis’ Enviro-Innovation Challenge for Carbon Neutrality

carbon neutrality

Global warming continues to be one of the biggest threats to our planet. Here at Classtime, we are committed to achieving carbon neutrality. CEO US Valentin Ruest says, “We want to take responsibility for how our clients use our product. We want to go one step further by educating our users and raising awareness on how we can reduce, offset, and eliminate our carbon footprint.” 

As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies continue to grow, it is important to become conscious of how this impacts our carbon emissions. While the software itself may not consume energy, the hardware that powers SaaS poses an issue for our planet as we generate more data than we ever have before. A recent Harvard Business Review study (How Green Is Your Software?) estimates that data centers will consume 8% of the world’s energy by the end of the decade. 

In an effort to find a template that other SaaS companies can follow, Classtime initiated a carbon neutrality challenge along with Canadian-based environmental student organization, Regenesis, to build solutions. The winning team developed a concept titled Do M.O.R.E (Measure, Offset, Reduce, and Eliminate). This is Classtime’s first step to reaching carbon neutrality, and ultimately, negativity.