Digital Curriculum Partnership with Educators Cooperative

Educators Cooperative & Classtime

Classtime announces today a new digital publisher partnership with Educators Cooperative. This partnership allows Classtime to offer educators access to over 1,500 Math questions created with statistical analysis in mind. Each question set is designed to determine if students are struggling with the basics of the standard, the higher levels of thinking, or their ability to explain the concept. With Classtime as a partner, Educators Cooperative will be able to help students improve their performance on high-stakes math testing, such as the CAASPP, by reaching schools and districts around the world. 

Scott Houston, Educational Consultant at Educators Cooperative, says, “The Strategic Thinking in Math content is very versatile: you can use it as homework, quizzes, classroom assignments, tickets out the door, etc. You can utilize the data in real-time to adjust your teaching. These questions are specifically designed to help students navigate the specialty questions found on high-stakes math tests.”

Educators Cooperative offers support with career technical education, high-stakes test prep, research-based teaching strategies, STEAM implementation, and educational technology support. Educators can now subscribe to the Educators Cooperative’s Strategic Thinking in Math content through Classtime’s curriculum page, which features high-quality formative and summative content across a variety of topics, grade levels, and standards.