Digital Publisher Partnership with IB Plato

Classtime and IB Plato

 Classtime announced today a new digital publisher partnership with IB Plato. Through this partnership, Classtime is able to offer educators around the globe access to 4,500+ IB MYP math questions from a variety of skill levels. With Classtime as a technology partner, IB Plato will have the ability to increase its global reach and collect evidence of effective student learning. 

I’ve been using IB Plato math in alignment with my curriculum every week. It saves me several hours of work – and students benefit from the immediate feedback!” says Mustafa Tatar, an IB MYP maths teacher.

IB Plato offers International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum math questions for MYP (Middle School Programme) teachers who want to achieve increased student progress in less than three months. Educators can now purchase the IB Plato curriculum through Classtime’s new curriculum page, which features high-quality formative and summative content across a variety of topics, grade levels, and standards.