Classtime stands with the Ukrainian people

In the past eight years, Classtime has been built on and by Ukrainian talent and has had the honor of supporting teachers and students globally. This includes thousands of Ukrainian and Russian teachers who want to educate and build a better future together.

We are shocked, angry, and shattered in our beliefs by the unlawful, unjustified, insane invasion of Ukraine and condemn it to the utmost extent. Our immediate feelings are with our employees and their families, as well as with the Ukrainian people at large, with whom we have built deep relationships on countless visits and through intense work and collaboration.

We have the highest regard for Ukraine and are deeply impressed and inspired by the Ukrainian spirit, the resistance, and the unwavering belief in the fight for freedom. The Ukrainian people currently show the world what it means to hold their values and beliefs dearly and defend them. We, on our side, will do whatever we can to help and support Ukrainians in their inspiring fight for freedom and peace; however little that is in comparison.

  • With the start of the invasion, we have stopped the automatic collection of payments from Ukrainian teachers – the money will be needed for shelter or food. All those teachers are on Classtime Premium for free.
  • We will continue to focus relentlessly on providing education services and striving towards our vision: Shaping learners into critical thinkers. It is apparent that education, knowledge, and critical thinking are ever important.
  • We do what we can to keep our employees and their families safe and have organized resources bringing transport and housing at various locations outside Ukraine.
  • We put together resources on how our employees outside (and inside) Ukraine can help and donate.

We are thankful if you, as partners, clients, and other parties support us in supporting Ukraine. If you have connections and would like to brainstorm ideas of help, however little, please reach out to us.

The Classtime Team