Go Pollock at Accenture Innovation Awards

Santa Monica, CA (September 26, 2017): Pollock Technologies was invited as one out of 750 companies to the Accenture Innovation Summit 2017 which is to take place on October 27th at De Fabrique, Utrecht. Go Pollock has now been named one of the 5 finalists of the ‘Skills to Succeed’ category. With the perfect stage to test the newest product innovations, Go Pollock will be presenting Collaborative Challenges.

Go Pollock’s Collaborative Challenges enable the teacher to create a narrative around their lesson plan and link the narrative to the learning goal. These stories can be leveraged for various subjects to inspire student interest in the classroom, provide additional context, and truly motivate students. Students answer online questions during the class on their own devices to collaboratively contribute to the story progress.

“Collaborative Challenges are valuable in their combination of gamification with real-time insights, motivating students to learn and providing a view on real-life applications of the content learned while providing teachers with data on students’ level of understanding,” says Jan Rihak, one of the Founders of Go Pollock. “We’re very excited to have the opportunity to present Collaborative Challenges at this year’s Accenture Innovation Summit and are looking forward to being among other great innovators of our time.”

About Pollock Technologies: Pollock Technologies, Inc. is a software creation company based in Santa Monica, CA. Founded in 2016, Pollock Technologies, Inc. focuses on the world of digital education with the vision of bringing harmony between the educator and the student in a complex learning environment. The company’s flagship product, Classtime (formerly Go Pollock), is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding.