Go Pollock Now California Student Privacy Alliance Approved

Santa Monica, CA (August 29, 2017): Pollock Technologies has signed the California Student Privacy Alliance V1 agreement with Southern California’s Tustin Unified School District. “The agreement has been reviewed by several sets of legal and subject matter experts ranging from the Federal government, private attorneys, and educators working in the data privacy field both within the State of California and beyond. Users of this document can know, with a high degree of confidence, that it meets both the requirements of Federal and California State law,” says the CETPA website.

Go Pollock has also signed the General Offer of Terms, Exhibit E, meaning that the privacy agreement is essentially an umbrella agreement. It requires only an additional signature from other districts to make it binding, saving time by allowing districts to rely on this agreement to review Go Pollock’s data privacy guidelines.

“We take student data privacy very seriously,” says Valentin Rüst, CEO of Go Pollock. “We’re very excited to sign the CSPA agreement with Tustin Unified and be able to offer California schools greater peace of mind on student data privacy when using Go Pollock.”

For more information about the signed agreement, please visit California Student Privacy Alliance.

About Pollock Technologies: Pollock Technologies, Inc. is a software creation company based in Santa Monica, CA. Founded in 2016, Pollock Technologies, Inc. focuses on the world of digital education with the vision of bringing harmony between the educator and the student in a complex learning environment. The company’s flagship product, Classtime (formerly Go Pollock), is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding.