3 Ways Orange Unified School District uses Classtime to Identify Learning Gaps

3 Ways Orange USD uses Classtime to Identify Learning Gaps

Orange Unified School District educator, Ray Melchor, has been using Classtime since 2020 to effectively track student progress and identify learning gaps. He says that his students are very engaged with their work and he attributes this to the fact that Classtime is an easy-to-use platform. “It’s the ease of the platform for the kids. A lot of times, if a platform seems like it’s going to be a lot of work just to get something done, they think it’s too much trouble. They don’t have that problem with Classtime.” Here are a few ways Ray uses Classtime to engage his students and identify learning gaps on a daily basis:



Effectively Track Student Progress with the Session Dashboard

The session dashboard is one of Ray’s favorite features of Classtime. He says that it’s simple, seamless, and straightforward, yet provides comprehensive data on how students are performing. Ray is able to see which questions his students are struggling with in real-time, he can click on the student cell to see more details about the individual student’s answer, and he can click on the question cell to see class data per question. “I love the dashboard, it’s a thing of beauty. It’s wonderful how it can be smooth, seamless, and simple yet so complete.” 

Session Dashboard

Run Item Analysis in Real-Time for Quick Remediation 

Ray watches the session dashboard carefully as his students’ answers come in one by one. He checks for patterns to see which questions the majority of the class is struggling with, allowing him to quickly adjust his teaching to the needs of his students. “Everday I go into Google Classroom where my students are loaded. I post the Classtime session link and share the code, and they go in. Then I can look question by question to see how they’re doing. I look for patterns that might concern me and I can get a clue as to where the misunderstanding is.”

Answer Details

Easily Find, Modify, and Save Relevant Curriculum 

Ray quickly finds relevant content for his sessions in Classtime’s curriculum. Not only can he use pre-made content as it is, but he has the ability to save the content to his questions, and slightly modify it to make it his own. “When I’m making my assessments, I can select premade questions and copy them to mine; I can cherrypick what I want. I’ll edit it, or I’ll use it as it is, or it will give me an idea I never thought of before.”


Get started with Classtime and effectively track your student progress, identify learning gaps and find relevant curriculum today.

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