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Flipped Classroom

Flip your classroom and transform your teaching

  As teachers in an ever-more demanding profession, the one resource that we all wish we had more of is time. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the chance–with some help from Classtime–to “flip” my classroom and give me some of that precious resource of time back. If you’re not familiar with “flipped” classrooms, it’s much more than […]

Why Children Should Learn to Code

Why children should learn to code

Learning how to code is akin to learning a new language. In a study on bilingualism published on NCBI, it was discovered that learning another language has cognitive benefits. These benefits begin at childhood, where kids are able to better adjust to their environment, retain information, and extend even beyond dotage. Now, coding may not be a language per se […]

assessment data

Easy ways to collect and review assessment data

  Here, you’ll find the same steps to creating “Rapidfire Classtime Assessments” that were mentioned in the video, as well as the resources mentioned in it. At the very end, you’ll find some extra help on how to create your own Classtime-Infused Hyperdocs & Hyperslides. Step 1: Keep the Goal in Mind Although the words “Rapidfire Classtime Assessments”, “HyperDocs”, and […]


Creating controversy with Classtime

  Learn how to set up your own controversial prompts on Classtime, and find all of the resources that were mentioned at the end of the video. Keys to Setting Up A Good Prompt for Controversy 1. Make sure that your prompt doesn’t have a definitive answer. It could eventually end in a right/wrong answer after you expose your students […]

Blended Learning

4 Blended learning models to help reach students’ goals

A couple decades ago, the idea of blending computer technology and traditional classroom teaching would not have been possible. Not every student had a computer in their home and reliable internet was not available in every school. Yet, in only the last few years (2013-2016), the availability of reliable Wi-Fi access in US K-12 public classrooms has more than tripled […]

Teaching Analytics

How teaching analytics improves your students’ learning

Previously, we discussed how Learning Analytics collects and measures student data during and after your lessons to help you refine your teaching towards creating a more effective learning experience for your students. On the flip side, Teaching Analytics methods and tools analyze and improve the educational design of your lessons before it begins and analyzes the effectiveness of your delivery. […]

strategies for dynamic professional learning

3 strategies for dynamic professional learning

Challenge. Over the years, schools, districts, and educational organizations have been criticized for the traditional ways they offer professional learning for teachers. Typically, they schedule professional learning sessions at times that don’t offer teachers flexibility, choice, or differentiated learning opportunities. Today the challenge they face is how to convert the one-size fits all model for new, experienced, and veteran teachers […]

Using gamification for critical thinking and test preparation

We recently had an interview with Scott Houston, an education consultant at Educators Cooperative. Scott has played a part in the evolution of Classtime’s gamification solution (Collaborative Challenges), sharing insights from his years of experience working with teachers and schools to innovate the classroom and create a more personalized learning environment for students. Here, he talks with us about his experience […]

analyzing data in the differentiated classroom

How to prepare thoughtful, data-backed lessons

In our last post on differentiated instruction, one of the tips focussed on preparing thoughtful, data-backed lessons. The strategies you use to differentiate the learning experience in your classroom should be based on effective and ongoing assessment of your students’ needs. By utilizing learning analytics, you can easily assess where students stand in regards to understanding. You’ll also need to […]

differentiated instruction

4 ways to implement Differentiated Instruction strategies in the classroom

When it comes to engaging all of your students, you’ve probably realized that students learn in different ways. Some may work best when engaged in group work, while you may find others that perform best when working on their own. If this is the case, differentiated instruction and assessment, also known as differentiated learning, is the framework you need to […]