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differentiated instruction

4 ways to implement Differentiated Instruction strategies in the classroom

When it comes to engaging all of your students, you’ve probably realized that students learn in different ways. Some may work best when engaged in group work, while you may find others that perform best when working on their own. If this is the case, differentiated instruction and assessment, also known as differentiated learning, is the framework you need to […]

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

4 tips for making Professional Learning Communities successful in your school

  More schools are adopting the Professional Learning Communities (PLC; learn more) process as the way to work together and reach students more effectively. PLC works. It isn’t a program or something your district purchases. It isn’t a meeting, but it does require meetings. Effective Professional Learning Communities require everyone to work collaboratively and take control of their specific role in […]

Use Go Pollock to engage students and give yourself more time to teach

7 Ways Classtime helps save time and make a greater impact on students

Inspired by an article written by our friends at Osvitoria, we’ve outlined seven ways that educators around the world use Classtime to quickly analyze their lessons, engage students with collaboration and help students grow to their full potential. 1 – Gain immediate insights, provide relevant feedbackClasstime was created for testing how well your students understand the material you’re teaching. Simply […]

EdTech Standardized Tests

4 ways EdTech tools can help you prepare your students for standardized tests

Standardized testing has long been a controversial topic among education enthusiasts. In theory, standardized tests are intended to unbiasedly measure a student’s academic performance in order to predict the student’s learning potential. According to Carole Gallagher’s article on the history of standardized testing, Horace Mann initially suggested the idea of implementing standardized testing into Boston Public Schools in 1845 as […]

Learning Analytics

How learning analytics can make your teaching more effective

As technology continues to evolve and become an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s only natural that we utilize the technology to improve education as well. One aspect of technology that promises to make this a reality is the use of learning analytics in the classroom to help refine the learning experience for students. We recently completed edX’s course […]

Social Emotional Learning

3 Approaches to foster Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the classroom

We see the importance of working together now more than ever. Not surprisingly, this has been a major topic in the educational world as well. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is on a mission to promote Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, which they define as “the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply […]

Protecting Student Data

5 Tips for protecting student data

In the age of the internet, tech tools and apps make it easier for teachers to engage their students and introduce new modes of collaboration and learning into their lesson plans. With the use of these edtech tools, student data is collected by both the educators and the companies providing the tech service. This means, as a teacher, you must […]

Collaborative Challenges

Living in a world where Google seems to answer all of our questions without having to even think about it, it’s often hard for students to understand how the knowledge they’re learning in the classroom can be used to make a greater impact in the world around them. While innovative and creative teachers go to great distances to make the […]

Multiple Choice

How to create great multiple choice questions in 3 simple steps

Well-crafted multiple choice questions are like a clean window. If the question is articulated clearly and concisely, it allows you to see what the student does and doesn’t know. These fixed choice questions, which also includes checkboxes and true/false options, require students to identify the correct answers from a set of possible options. The longstanding debate as to whether multiple choice […]

Scaffolding strategies

4 Scaffolding strategies that lead to greater student independence

Every student has their own individual knowledge and experience, and your job as a teacher is to support each one of them in their educational goals by providipng them with the tools and motivation they need to take an active role in their own learning process. Whether it’s teaching Shakespeare for the first time, multiplication, chemistry, calculus, or any other […]