The Benefits of Classtime’s School License

school license

school license

Classtime’s School License offers unique features that can bring your teaching to the next level. In this article, we will discuss how you can have complete control over your class with the ability to add co-teachers and share your content with other colleagues through shared folders. Both features allow you to teach as a team with other colleagues but you get to decide who you would like to collaborate with, and who you would like to co-teach with.


What are the benefits of the School License features?

We created our School License features with the value of teacher collaboration in mind. When teachers work together, they can divide and conquer by assigning tasks based on each educator’s area of expertise. We understand that this way of working fosters a collaborative culture that can ultimately lead to school improvement. Classtime’s exclusive School License features allow you to work as a team with other teachers, assistants, and administrators in two ways:


1. Shared Folders

On Classtime’s School License, you can share your content by adding collaborators to your folders. With this feature, your entire team will be able to benefit from your work. This can be especially helpful if you would like a less tech-savvy teacher, your principal, or team leader to be able to utilize your question set. Not only will collaborators have the chance to utilize your work, but all educators added to a shared folder will be able to create, edit, and delete questions.


2. Co-Teachers for Classes

The co-teacher feature is an even more extensive way to collaborate with your colleagues. With this exclusive feature, you can add as many teachers as you want to your Class. Once you add your co-teachers, they will instantly have access to all of the data from your sessions. This creates a seamless transition from teacher to teaching assistant, or teacher to substitute. 

School License

The transition from teacher to substitute back to the teacher can be challenging, time-consuming, and often requires a lot of preparation. Now, with the help of the co-teacher feature, substitutes can easily pick up right where you left off, allowing students to further their learning even when you cannot be present. Your co-teachers can see all of your sessions, create sessions on their own, and invite your class to participate.

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