How Dillon School District Four Educators Save Time Grading

Dillon School District Four and Classtime

Dillon School District Four and Classtime

Classtime has been working with Dillon School District Four since 2018 by supporting their schools for formative and summative assessments. Dillon educator Ramona McKoy-Cummings has been using Classtime since the beginning of the pandemic to save grading time for her midterms, final exams, and pre-assessments to gauge her students’ knowledge at the beginning and the end of the semester. 

Classtime has allowed Ramona to create a more honest environment for her assessments while also saving hours of grading time per exam. Before Classtime, Ramona was using paper and pencil for her exams which would take her three to five school days to grade herself. Now with Classtime, Ramona can do the lengthy assessments she prefers with a quicker turnaround, allowing her to distribute and discuss grades with her students the next day. In this article, Ramona discusses the Classtime features that allow her to cut down on grading time for her midterms and final exams. 


Free Text Validation 

Ramona includes free text questions in her exams to ensure that her students are comprehending the material in depth. With paper and pencil, Ramona would have to read every answer herself, which became very time-consuming for her lengthy assessments. With Classtime, similar answers are bundled allowing her to validate multiple answers with one click. Once an answer is marked as correct, Classtime will also automatically validate other identical answers. 


Shuffle Question and Answer Options 

Ramona prefers to distribute a few different variations of an exam to help prevent students from cheating. When she was using paper and pencil, she would have to spend extra time creating different versions of each exam. With Classtime, she can easily shuffle question and answer options in her session settings, preventing her students from being able to help one another. 

Save grading time and create more secure assessments like Dillon School District Four educator Ramona McKoy-Cummings by using our advanced session settings and using Classtime for free text questions. If you’d like to learn how you can bring Classtime to your school, you can fill out the form below: 

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