Go Pollock Introduces Collaborative Stories

Santa Monica, CA (May 17, 2017): Today, Pollock Technologies introduced the Collaborative Story, which allows educators to more easily engage and focus the entire class in a collective purpose while simultaneously gaining real-time insights into every students’ understanding of the material so they can intervene as necessary. This new feature enables teachers to develop the lesson around a meaningful narrative that presents a problem which students must work together to solve. In its ability to create an educational experience that is active, social, contextual, engaging and student-owned, the Collaborative Story leads to deeper learning and prepares students for real-life work situations.

The first Collaborative Story is POLL-E the Robot, who needs correct answer energy to charge his batteries. The circular heatmap is projected in the classroom with each ring correlating to a different question. As student answers come in, they appear green and red. Students can change their answers until the teacher deactivates the question set, which challenges and motivates them to work together to learn the material in order to get all green validations. Only if the entire classroom performs well will POLL-E the Robot become fully energized.

“The collaborative mode is valuable in its ability to combine gamification with real-time insights, motivating students to learn while providing teachers with data on students’ level of understanding,” says Pollock Technologies’ CEO Valentin Ruest. “We believe this will be a very powerful tool to simultaneously engage and focus every student on a single purpose and offer the educator information that allows them to see where their help is needed.”

POLL-E the Robot is the first of many stories. Pollock Technologies will release several Collaborative Stories in the coming weeks, each addressing different purposes and narratives that can be used for teaching a variety of subjects. Future innovations also include stories that will utilize the skills from all subjects, much like the skills that are used to solve everyday obstacles in the workplace.

About Pollock Technologies: Pollock Technologies, Inc. is a software creation company based in Santa Monica, CA. Founded in 2016, Pollock Technologies, Inc. focuses on the world of digital education with the vision of bringing harmony between the educator and the student in a complex learning environment. The company’s flagship product, Classtime (formerly Go Pollock), is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding.