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Question libraries

Take advantage of our free curriculum with more than 50,000 standards-aligned questions, handcrafted for your students' success by education experts.

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Tech-enabled Questions

Tech-enabled questions

Challenge your students with 9 different tech-enabled question types: multiple choice, checkboxes, true or false, free text answer, categorizer, sorter, highlight text, and hot spot.
Math notation

Beautiful math notations

Ideal for science and math subjects, you can accurately engage your class with beautiful math notations using the popular markup language LaTeX.
Multimedia questions

Images & YouTube

Enrich your students' experience and strengthen audiovisual learning by including images and YouTube videos in your questions.
“Classtime's variety of tech-enhanced question types are great to verify whether my students have understood a new concept or achieved mastery. They can even use it outside of class - for homework or test preparation!”

Stefan Bernhard, secondary teacher
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