Student Assessment
Answer analytics. Real-time responses. Scoring. Exports.

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Use our efficient assessment platform to engage every student and get immediate visibility of your students' learning progress.
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Answer Analytics

Answer analytics

Efficiently track all student responses in a beautiful overview, giving you immediate insights on your students' performance.
Real-time responses

Real-time responses

Streamline your teaching with a single overview - within seconds. Your students can participate without registration, or simply authenticate with their Google, Microsoft & Clever accounts.
Automated Grading


Save time with automated scoring: simply assign a point value to each question and let us do the work for you – immediately for your entire class.


Our auto-generated Excel and PDF reports are the fastest way to store and share results with students, parents, or school leadership.
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Class icon


Set up Classes with student accounts for access to the Student Portal and invite your class with one click. Students won't require session codes and can download their results from past Sessions.

Academic Integrity

Use our advanced shuffling and timing features to reduce cheating by students in summative assessments.
Google Classroom Sync

Google Classroom Integration

Easily import your Classes from Google Classroom to Classtime! Create Google Classroom assignments within Classtime and synchronize all of your students’ scores.
“This is the best thing that has happened to me during my teaching career. You can’t imagine how much easier my teacher life has become. Thank you!”
Oksana Voloshyna, teacher
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