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Use Go Pollock to engage students and give yourself more time to teach

7 Ways Classtime helps save time and make a greater impact on students

Inspired by an article written by our friends at Osvitoria, we’ve outlined seven ways that educators around the world use Classtime to quickly analyze their lessons, engage students with collaboration and help students grow to their full potential. 1 – Gain immediate insights, provide relevant feedbackClasstime was created for testing how well your students understand the material you’re teaching. Simply […]

Collaborative Challenges

Living in a world where Google seems to answer all of our questions without having to even think about it, it’s often hard for students to understand how the knowledge they’re learning in the classroom can be used to make a greater impact in the world around them. While innovative and creative teachers go to great distances to make the […]

Pollock Technologies – Our first stroke of the brush

Picture a class of students as a large white canvas in front of you. Now imagine that all ideas, thoughts and knowledge in your students’ minds have different colors, currently still invisible to you. So to make better sense of your class, you want to make their colors visible — by bringing them onto the blank canvas. You ask a […]